Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

Dentists offer various oral treatment procedures to help you keep infections at bay and have the best smile possible. Along with treating the common oral conditions, most dentists also provide emergency services. At iSmile digital design center, Dr. Peng offers emergency dental care to patients who are in need of it. Whenever you happen to be in such a situation, reach out to us immediately so that we can assist you at the earliest.

Dental emergencies

In any type of dental emergency, patients usually start to panic, not knowing what to do in the situation. The longer you delay the first aid, the more severe the condition could get. As a result, you may have to endure more pain and the healing period could also be extended due to this. Here are some of the most common oral emergencies.

Broken or cracked tooth:A broken tooth can result in one of the most painful experiences. A hard blow to the mouth, a bad fall, an impact injury due to a sports-related accident, etc. could result in a broken or cracked tooth. In most cases, the central root canal of the tooth could be exposed, which results in bleeding and the onset of infection if left untreated for long. Hence, getting a broken tooth treated immediately is important to avoid complications. Control the bleeding using a piece of gauze and avoid touching the wound with bare hands. Get to a dentist as soon as possible to get it treated.

Avulsed tooth: Under severe impact forces, the tooth could get completely uprooted or knocked off from its socket. This usually results in a lot of bleeding as the blood vessels will be disturbed due to the trauma. If you happen to find the tooth, rinse it with clean water and store it in a glass of milk. Control the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze and apply pressure until a clot form. Get to a dentist immediately so that you get the required treatment.

Injured soft tissues of the mouth: When the soft inner lining of the mouth presses against the teeth due to oral trauma, it could result in severe bleeding. It would be very difficult to consume food during the next few days due to the injury. Once you visit us, we would treat the injury and suggest the right medication to help the wound heal sooner.

Call us at (614) 459-3229 in the case of dental emergencies to have a consultation with our dentist and we’ll be able to guide you further.


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