Suresmile for Orthodontics

Suresmile for Orthodontics

No one has to know that you are wearing them

Get that clarity in your smile with SureSmileĀ® Clear Aligners

The digital Way To Straightening Your Smile

A full-service, state-of-the-art solution to your crooked teeth is now possible with SureSmile Aligners. SureSmile uses clinically proven methods that include the benefit of digital planning software to deliver a complete, clinician controlled treatment for your orthodontic case.

The combination of robust planning software and high-quality fabrication techniques, SureSmile aligner can satisfy your treatment goals well within the given time-frame. With high-standard design models, SureSmile can provide accurate results too.

Features of SureSmile

1. Clinically Proven

The SureSmile software makes accurate and precise models that can produce desirable results. It is technologically compatible to link with CBCT/Ceph/Facial photos.

2. Clinically Controlled

Treatment with SureSmile can ensure that every tooth movement is monitored and registered. The clinicians make use of 3D models with facial registration to generate smile adjustments for accurate results.

3. Convenience

The SureSmile software keeps a record of all patient smile data. Easy-to-use video simulations simplify clinical case tracking and process patient reports promptly and quickly.

4. Customized

Treatment can be customized at any point. Preferences from the dentist can be recorded and saved for future references. Any adjustments to the treatment process can be added or removed.

5. State-of-the-art technology

SureSmile uses advanced fabrication facilities to generate aligners that are of world-class quality. With 3D printing models and robotic laser trimming, the customized aligners processed by SureSmile can ensure an incredible fit and function.

Discover more and about the many benefits of SureSmile aligners today. Request an appointment with us or call our office at 614.459.3229.


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